Santa Clarita, California

Project Background:
The rolling hills and native plantings around the Lyons Avenue / I-5 interchange are among the most beautiful natural areas in the City of Santa Clarita. This character guided a landscape design that relies on native plants and natural landforms.

The City of Santa Clarita

Scope of Work:
The preliminary design consisted of planting, irrigation, gateway hardscape and grading. Construction documents included all listed items except grading, which was completed by an engineer. PCLD was heavily involved in site grading and the construction of the large boulders, the drainage drops, and the swales.

Quality of Life:
This landscape was designed to survive on precipitation after 2-3 years of establishment. However, to maintain its “gateway” beauty, intermittent watering is likely. Sustainability elements include:

  • pollutant & water infiltration swales with retention areas
  • native and native compatible plants that are drought, disease and insect resistant and do not require fertilization
  • weather based irrigation control
  • low gradient drainages with boulder drops and energy absorbing coble at top & bottom of drops to reduce erosion potential