Ventura, California

Project Background:
PCLD, along with project lead RNT Architects and Mainstreet Architects and Planners, are currently in the master planning phase for the nearly 20-acre site that will feature more than 2 acres of programmed open space. Community facilities for the affordable, primarily for-rent housing, will include resident-serving outdoor event spaces, a community amphitheater, an outdoor classroom space and a robust community gardening program for on-site food production, events, and education. Proposed exploratory play features will cater to tot play (2-5) and child play (5-12) while flexible turf play areas and sports courts will facilitate both active play and passive recreation. Other major components of the plan for Westview Village are the various green infrastructure and low-impact development strategies proposed. The project is aiming to achieve LEED Neighborhood Development certification. PCLD is working with Jensen Design Engineering to develop a stormwater management system that will treat and infiltrate much of the runoff from the site. This is being accomplished through an interconnected system of parkway infiltration planters, permeable paving sections and civic stormwater features. In addition to providing infiltration, proposed permeable paving surfaces for parking and much of the pedestrian circulation on the site are designed to mitigate urban heat islands through increased solar reflectivity and shade tree canopy cover. The use of drought-tolerant and low water use plants throughout the site will dramatically decrease the irrigation water used on site.

Housing Authority of San Buenaventura and BRIDGE Housing

Scope of Work:
Site Planning and Design, Public Outreach, Construction Documentation.

The project is aiming to meet or exceed many of the standards prescribed by the LEED-Neighborhood Development rating system. This will include architectural strategies in addition to the myriad of site and landscape strategies to achieve a low-impact development that meets the needs of the core residents and tenants.